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Original Equipment 2-Wheel Hauler for Lawn Tractors and Zero-Turn Mowers

Original Equipment 2-Wheel Hauler for Lawn Tractors and Zero-Turn Mowers

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This versatile yard tool is a 2-wheel cart designed to attach to Cub Cadet lawn and garden tractors or zero-turn mowers. 4 collapsible sides allow the Hauler to be folded flat and stored vertically, taking up 70% less space in a garage or shed compared to traditional yard carts. The foldable feature also allows the Hauler to be used in flat-bed mode, convenient for hauling long or oversized loads such as logs or lumber.

Fits all Cub Cadet mini-riders, lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers
Refer to the parts list label under the rider hood or under the zero-turn seat mounting bracket for original equipment parts and accessories
0-turn seat will need to be pivoted forward for visibility of the parts list label
Factory tested and approved to provide the perfect fit, strength, durability and performance
Constructed of impact-resistant, industrial grade high-strength polymer material, the Hauler is built to last
Hauler can hold up to 10 cu. ft. and is rated for loads up to 800 lbs.
Fold-out panels allow convenient access for loading, unloading and dumping
Dump release foot pedal makes dumping fast and easy
Molded-in groove allows a board to be placed inside the cart, creating a partition for separating load contents
15 in. x 6 in. pneumatic air-filled tires with tire Science sealant
Detailed installation instructions, please refer to your operator's manual

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