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60 in. W x 5.5 in. H x 6.25 in. D Rustic Mahogany Cap-Shelf Mantel

60 in. W x 5.5 in. H x 6.25 in. D Rustic Mahogany Cap-Shelf Mantel

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The Rustic Mantel Shelf is another unique piece in the popular line of real wood decor from Dogberry Collections. Constructed from planks of real wood, this item makes a bold statement whether used as a fireplace mantel or a floating shelf. Easy to install and built to last. And as with any quality piece from Dogberry Collections, it's made right here in America.

HAND BUILT MANTELS - Our crafted mantels are made with top end quality poplar wood, every wood mantel shelf is hand crafted to fit a rustic or modern farmhouse style with the character of a reclaimed wood shelf.
QUALITY - Each floating mantel comes with a money back guarantee! If your product has any manufacturing defect, we're always happy with your purchase, reach out to us and we will make it right with you!
FLEXIBILITY - These fireplace mantles can be mounted anywhere! Mantels are not only used around the fireplace anymore, but they have also become the new age entertainment center.
LOW IMPACT - These mantels have the look of reclaimed wood floating mantel shelves but have the durability of brand-new sustainable wood. Each looks like a heavy beam but produced to be light to make strain on your wall minimal.
Hollow design allows for easy mounting to your wall
Select from multiple sizes and finish options to fit your style

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