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Dual Swing Arm Automatic Gate Opener Kit with Remotes

Dual Swing Arm Automatic Gate Opener Kit with Remotes

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Working with paired 6'6 gates up to 650 pounds, twin 18 foot gates up to 100 pounds, and everything in between, this gate opener and closer set is a must-have for your property. Its premium 50W all-copper motors smoothly and quietly pull and push your 2 gate doors open and closed. Once open, the gate will automatically close behind you at a timing of your choosing. Don't worry: the built-in sensor will stop closure should anything get in the way, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and your vehicles. Compatible with up to 25 remotes, this set is perfect for meeting the needs of larger families or smaller businesses and communities.

Featuring energy-efficient 50W electric motors
These gate openers easily handle paired 6'6 gates up to 650 lbs
This set of 2 electric gate openers consists of lightweight but durable aluminum alloy frames
This automatic gate opener and closer 2 pack comes with 2 remote controls
The system supports up to 23 more remotes
Our openers automatically close after opening but reverse operation if any obstacles are detected by the built-in sensors
The system's frequency encryption technology protects your remote controls from spoofing
Can be upgraded with more functions using compatible accessories including solar panel kits, driveway alarms, and more

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